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How to Use Sylvia Flower Paint By Numbers Kits

We believe that painting your own custom canvas can be an extraordinary healing and enjoyable experience, and if you get something new at the end that can be proudly hung in your house at the same time, it will be a comprehensive victory!

You may have ordered something enjoyable from Paint By Numbers collection, and also now you wanner to know: "What is the best method to paint a brand-new canvas?". The good news is that we have actually created a convenient novices guide to get you began with your personalized painting canvas.

Some practical tips before you begin:

  • Find a nicely lit area to start painting so you can clearly see your work with relaxed and comfortable mood.
  • Make sure your surface is protected-a plastic doily or some paper will definitely work well.
  • Place a container of water cleaning brush near the shade.
  • Also, prepare a fabric or some paper towels to dry the brushes between laundries.


Open your package (Example: Rolled colorful canvas with DIY Frame)


Pre-colored canvas (excellent quality)


Next we can begin the painting procedure ...

Correspond to the numbers with appropriate colors

This may seem like an apparent step, but when you paint a number that matches the appropriate shade, try and repaint only the location with that color before proceeding to the next part of the painting.

Let these areas dry completely before going on an additional shade. Clean your brush with water in between, enough that no shade runs onto a cloth or paper towel after cleaning. This prevents any colors from fusing or permeating into each other. You may need to use an extremely light soap with warm water.

Covering the numbers

It may need an extra layer of paint to completely cover the numbers, but please be careful and take some time so as not to end up utilizing excessive paint.

Another painting suggestion for "Do It Yourself Canvas" is to start from the top, and function your way down if you can, working with the smallest area first, because this will definitely help prevent staining the paint with your hands!

Note: All our canvases have been upgraded to the latest pre-colored canvas. (Colorful canvas is easy to paint without hurting your eyes


More painting pointers

If necessary, use a magnifying glass to repaint the smaller, harder areas.

If you are a complete paint beginner, practice some brush strokes on a piece of paper to obtain how much or exactly how little paint you will certainly need on your brush. This will conserve you from discussing any type of boundaries and also avoid putting too much paint on your actual canvas.

Don't rush to paint, leave lots of drying time between colors as well as paint meticulously to avoid mistakes. It will deserve it eventually!

Framing your custom canvas

Before framing the finished canvas, let your paint dry completely. We have our own DIY frame set at Sylvia Flower Paint By Numbers Kits, which includes everything needed to develop a solid frame in minutes.



Then, all you have to do is to find the best place for it to hang in your residence! Appreciate!!