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How to Turn Your Photo Into a Custom Paint by Number

7 Steps to Make Your Best Custom Paint by Number Kit

1. Choose a Suitable Canvas According to the Aspect Ratio of Your Image

Aspect Ratio: 

Ideally, the image you want to send has the same or similar aspect ratio as the canvas selected for the kit. If the two are far apart, we must add blanks, crop the image or choose a canvas that is more suitable for your image. We will always maximize the surface area and working space of the custom kit so that your images take up as much space as possible! (If you don’t know how to choose the right ratio, just upload your favorite photo and choose your favorite canvas size, we will have a professional designer to adjust the most suitable effect for you)

4:3 Aspect Ratio (the standard ratio for most iPhone and Samsung devices):

  • 30x40cm

10:8 Aspect Ratio:

  • 40x50cm

Square Aspect Ratio:

  • 40x40cm
  • 50x50cm

    7:4 Aspect Ratio:

    • 40x70cm

    7:5 Aspect Ratio:

    • 50x70cm

    2. Choose a Large & High-Resolution Image of at least 800 pixels

    Your custom paint by number can only come out as good as the image you put in. The higher the pixel, the clearer the picture and the better the customized oil painting effect. (Images that have a different background color than the subject matter, providing a significant amount of contrast, can make good customized oil paintings)

    3. Make Sure the Subject Matter(your lover, friedns, baby, pet, etc.) Takes Up More Than 70% of the Image!

    4. Choose the Suitable Canvas and Upload Your Corresponding Aspect Ratio Photo. After Successfully Placing the Order, Leave the Rest to Us.

    5. Your Private Customized Oil Painting is Ready and Sent Directly from Our Factory to Your Home.

    6. Paint the Color of the Corresponding Serial Number Directly to the Canvas Area of the Same Number. After the Paint is Full, You will Receive An Oil Painting Drawn by Yourself.

    7. Share Your Paint with A Full Sense of Accomplishment.

    Share Your Painting on Facebook, @sylviaflowerofficial and your two friends, you all can get a 30% discount (available for the next order)